About us

We are a creative and ambitious guitar designer and manufacturer of beautiful ultra high quality guitars and basses. We strongly believe in the use of current CNC technology combined with years of Luthier experience, to be able to create the finest high tech guitars with excellent tone, features, looks and playability.

In 2013 I joined Henri Sattler’s (God Dethroned) company and brand “Serpent King Guitars”. I’m proud and greatful to have learned and tweaked the skills and ideas on how an ideal guitar should be built and finished.

After being part of Serpent King Guitars for 8 years, it was time to start a new chapter by creating my very own brand in 2021, Schotman Guitars! Schotman Guitars is based in Heino which can be found in the region “Salland” in the Netherlands. We support the local community and being a great fan of the region, we are committed to work with local people, companies and where applicable with local wood. Our brand, its logo and the types and versions of our guitars are related to my hometown Heino and the “Salland”region, all combined in fabulous guitars.

We are committed to the highest possible quality, all steps of the build are done within our company. We do not work with external piecepart products or productions, so every guitar starts with raw wood en leaves us as a completed guitar. We do not build our own hardware and electronic components and prefer to use the respected brands of quality like: Schaller, Floyd Rose, Kahler for tuners, bridges etc. and Railhammer pickups. Same goes for the rest of the components, which are all selected by its proven quality.

We are focused on exclusive designs and production, resulting in custom, unique and mostly one off guitars. We are able to build nearly every desired feature and quality aspect. Obviously we are proud of what we are and present our own designs and skills, therefore the first produced guitars are based on our very personal preferences and called “8141”, which is the Postal code of the region.

These builds feature endless details and recognitions representing our creativity and quality. These guitars are continuously built and are produced in small series per type.

Talking about we, sounds like a “big” company, the “we” stands for all the friends and family supporting me along the way and helping me out on lots of small and big topics. It would not be possible to start and continue building our guitar brand without them.

Want to know more? Let me know and follow us in this new part of history. And perhaps you can be part of this new created history.

Robert Schotman.